Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Thoughts on my Birthday 2017 ( The Bakit List)

If you're not familiar, I post random Thoughts in 10 minutes. The random post should equal my age. This year, I m doing the Bakit List. Bakit means  WHY? Here we go.

1 why aren't there more sincere and kind people?
2 why can't I be more sincere and kind, is the better question?
3. Why is Trump so crazy? He said today he talked to the president of the Virgin Islands. He is the president of the Virgin Islands. Duh!
4. Why are there people falling for #fakenews?
5. Why are there still people equating quiet to finesse? Damn! You could be quiet coz you have nothing intelligent to say!
6. Why is it wrong to be millennial? It should t be.
7. Why is WalMart cleaner than Macy's? I can never go to Macy's without getting so dizzy.
8. Why is Ocean Deep? Hahahahaha. Only personal friends can "get" this.
9. Why is Retin-A expensive. Cheaper than Botox you say. I agree. Lol
10. Why do I pray for world peace and it's been crazy? Cliche but true.
11. Why do I need Apple Watch? Serious question. Why? Do I?
12. Why do Asians love bowling? Seriously, if you go to bowling alleys here in the US, you would see majority of the crowd is Asian.
13. Why is George Clooney so yummy?
14. Why am I so blessed to have Chris and my kids? I am eternally grateful.
15. Why is it that I can't bring myself to weekly mani/pedi? It's so freaking expensive.
16. Why are there condescending people so in reality don't really know anything? I can answer my own question but it will be condescending.  Lol
17. Why is it that taking a different stand is seen as against you. No, it's nothing personal.
18. Why aren't there more decent men?
19. Why are the rich getting richer? Age old question.
20. Why do I love Emmanuela so much? She's so funny. Go ahead goggle Emmanuela.
21. Amazon, why name Alexa, Alexa?
22. Why is Frank Underwood so mean yet so appealing to me? Also, go ahead and google Frank Underwood.
23. Why are there so many commercial gaps on my fave TV shows?
24. Why are there so many religions? Can't we all enrol into the school of Humanity?
25. Why do I always hear, "don't judge?" I judge. You're a hypocrite if you say you don't. The fact that you chose to live where you are is because you judge. The fact that you though of me as bad just for writing this is because you judge. So yeah, we all judge.
26. Recently, every time I look st this person, I close my mouth back because I don't want to talk. Not cause I have nothing good to say or coz I'm scared of being shutdown ( when did that ever stop em 😝) bit coz there's no use to argue with stupid people. When I say the plan does not look as good as I initially thought, it does not look good. In this project, I am the SME. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. So shut it.
27. Why does Siri let me repeat over and over. Is it my accent Siri?  Please ain't so.
28. Inspite  of my thinking that I am not shy or so, Why do I tend to get red when I speak in front of other people?
29. Why is Barry Manilow gay? I grew with his senti songs.
30. Why is Raymond Reddington so like me? Crazy but sweet?
31. Why are there people disputing that Tom Brady is the GOAT? Seriously!

My time has ran out! But I can assure you, I am NOT 31.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pherry Goes Back to College

I know I skip blogging a lot. The last time mostly due to the blogger app being discontinued.

Anyway, we dropped off Pherry 2 weeks ago and I thought I am going to be chill, you know. But no..... not at all. I was still a mess and a wreck. I suppose as a mom you never get over it.

He moved to a different side of the campus. UMASS AMherst is a huge campus. Luckily he is still near a dining hall  ( did you know, his school has award winning dining?) and centered to where most of his classes are. We dropped him off early coz he volunteered to be part of the Welcome Team for the freshmen and transferees.

Here's a few pics. And when I see few, i mean a lot so beware.

Packed like crazy.

 He buys books and would not let me touch them. and that salakot makes an appearance of course. I like his new room as it is very bright.
We were hungry when we got there but his schedule to unload was 12-2 only so we had to make sure we did. Imagine having thousands of students moving in at the same is a logistics nightmare and I am so glad, UMass Amherst got this really good. But fixing his room took a lot less as KC was such a big help.
 Here's my family inside Pherry's sophomore dorm. We sure are not perfect but we all try to be happy. I am truly blessed to have my kids who have never given me any major problems or embarrassments as well as my ever patient husband.
 KC wanted to take his brother's ukelele. Of course he wouldn't let her.
 His desk. I don't really know he would need 2 PCs but whatever. Hahahaha.

The line of cars was too long so we were having fun just waiting. Chris and KC just took Pherry's fencing sword and started using it---the wrong way, like a sword. ANd here's a pic of me and KC.

Do you think I'll be better next year?

 Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Decade Starts

You know the drill, here's my birthday post!
1. I realized the older I get I like to stay home more. Serious. 
2. As if the TV gods heard my prayers, McGyver is back on. You've seen it right?
3. Migraines are getting worse. Add high blood pressure. I. Am. Getting. Old. 
4. Who said I cannot cook? This year my bellychon is super hit! Hell yeah!
5. My favorite name lately is NOT Kanye. Hahahaha. 
6. There's gotta be a better song out there I can make my fave to replace Ocean Deep. You can laugh, it's alright. 
7. Why are there still people who thinks that being "sosyal" means not laughing loud? Seriously, move on. There's this person I know who is such a snotty one I can't even. You think? Get off your high horse. 
8. Rice is my meal. I can't think of any other. 
9. Sounds so cliche but damn, no commute to work is so refreshing. 
10. I still hate dandruff and I still love Pottery Barn. And yeah, I put those two in one sentence. 
11. I went yard sale-Ing and saw the most extensive collection of Barbra Streisand CD collection. I was first but there is this lady who was so passionate of BS, she knew all the songs in every album even reciting which ones were released as singles. Yes, you got it, I let her buy it. You see, sometimes life is about sharing. 
12. Writing this random stuff on my birthday is such a stress reliever. But I don't know why I am getting tired writing up to my age, it's getting too long. Yes, I am old. 
13. No matter what setting, these are the same kind of people I meet, really dumb,know-it-all, vested interest only, no emotions whatsoever. The fifth? Someone like me-- clutter brain. Somehow all these personalities come together in my distorted world. 
14. I don't know what to do if my job is to drive shuttle bus. Back and forth. Going and coming. 
15. I am officially a make-up hoarder. I don't use often sometimes I even go barefaced. But I buy. A lot. As in. 
16. I can't pronounce most words in the English language. At least I can write well. Your vs you're. Then vs than. 
17. I thought it was a joke when people were supporting Trump and suddenly he is an option. Dang America! What happened? Just kidding, go for whoever you want. That's the essence of being American. But seriously? 😜
18. There is always room for ice cream. 
19. I have been such a blog slacker. I have so many things and pvitures to share. 
20. The more successful people are, the more humble they are. At least in my circle. 
21. Sometimes I edit my photos and most times I don't. One thing I never do, pause and think of what others think of my social media post. I could care less. 
22. This year I met so many incrdible people. People who would message me about the kids, just to say hello or thumbs up on my FACEBOOK posts. Regardless, in some way way or another, you touched my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
23. I'm still a hopeless romantic. 
24. I really should sleep earlier. 
25. And I should really watch my diet and lose weight. 
26. I have no consideration or compassion to people who thinks everyone is beneath them. Really? Who are you?
27. Yes you have a big house and a lot of money, no one even wants to be with you. At all. What gives? 
28. I'm still slow in Math. Ask Fridah. 
29. When I was shown how much my 2017 departmental budget to manage is, I was like, " whoaaaa, that much?"  
30. I made more money working as a medical technologist than now. #truth. But I don't have to work weekends and holidays. For the love of family and friends. And yes, coz I am lazy. 
31. Remember I told you my dream vacation would be SanFo, Thailand and Spain? Haven't been to any of them. I know I am hopeless.
32. Considering that you and I are mere mortals, we should all get along. What's so hared about that.
33. I think my fave season is now Fall. I think.
34. Instagram rules.
35. Wendy's twitter account is awesome.
36. I still love Tina Tagle, Cecil van Straten and MarketManila.
37. I am still loud so if you are pasosy, dont be friends with me. I don't like you either. tse, heheheh.
38. I haven't been to MAcy's for a very long time. That's good. That store is so disorganized.
39. I have the best friends and family I can always lean on.
40.My vocabulary has expanded to include the Sarcasm language. In fact I have mastered it the most, surpassing my fluency in Tagalog.
41. And yes my friends---- you either love me or hate me. Regardless, we are just specks in this big wide world. Let's be happy, shall we?

Get Back to Blogging Ma!

So I know I have not blogged for a very long time. I think I should be kicked out of the blogosphere. 😜

Today, while having lunch, the kids asked me to go back to blogging. 
KC: mom, you should blog again. 
Josh: yes, my friends read your blog. 
Me: really?
Both: they all think you're  funny. 
Me: but I'm funny. But is that good? Wait, you serious?
KC: yes Ma. 
Me: ok. I'll blog again. Let me video you eating. 
Josh: and caption it, "me eating alone on VDay." 
KC: Ma no! They like it when you write coz it's funny. You have a way of writing funny. 
Me: wait, they're serious I write funny? I think I'm offended. 
KC: no Ma, they really do like it and they read all they way back and now that you're not blogging, they are looking for it. 

So here, I blogged. Hahahahaha. Before that though, Josh asked me to send him the photo I took of the lunch he cooked for us--- pan grilled chicken on spaghetti and garlic alfredo sauce. In short, chicken alfredo. Bakit ba, I like to be pasosy eh. 😜😜😜. Kc asked why he still needs it as I can just tag him as we are FB friends. Wait, did you know that? That I'm FB friends with Josh? Hahahahah. Josh quips, " yes but my friends look at Mom's and that's it, I get no likes." Wahahahhaah. "and by the way Ma, we talked about this already, stop #mybunso already." Ha? Why? I like it. " But my friends say Bun like the bun, bread." 

Here's our lunch by the way. 

So this might just start my blogging mojo back. 

Happy Sunday my loves. Hug your kids and kiss your husband--- or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend. Just love. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Eclipse 2017, not about the Eclipse

Please do not ask me where I have been. Also, I am not crazy with the eclipse. I just wanted to reactivate my blogging and the more i PROCRASTINATE coz I have a lot to catch on, the more I am buried, so i figured I can just start today hoping the eclipse would "energize" me.

Anyway, Pherry is going back to school soon and he will be a sophomore! Unbelievable. He picked up Fencing in college. Pherry started basketball, he didn't like it, partially coz of Chris. Chris is a little too pushy and hardcore when it comes to sports. Then he did chess, that he liked but he never really got to it. He also did table tennis, which he plays once in a while. Did you know he plays the ukelele?

KC and I are busy prepping for her debutante's ball. Actually, she is upstairs creating an iMovie for her "save the date". KC will be very busy this school year as she was elected Class President of the Juniors. I am so excited for her. She did all her campaigning on her own, not a single help from us---she made her own speech and all that. So proud of this young lady.

Josh? My baby Josh is going to be a freshman this Fall. How did this ever happen? How?  In fact, he just finished his 3-day intro to ROTC. In connection to that, he will not be going to Quincy Highschool like Pheery and KC. Instead, he is attending North Quincy High. Why, i don't know. i think he just wants to be different from the two.

Mr. Hubbs, aka Chris is doing really good.  He is crazy working night shift but it works for him, so i let him be. I prodded him many times over to go back to dayshift. We both go at the shooting range once in a while but we have not been, as we got so busy with family.

Me? I changed jobs. In fact, I'd be celebrating my one year anniversary this week at this new job. It's doing well---albeit a few hiccups, as any other job is. The good thing is, I REALLY LOVE WHAT I DO, so any shitty stuff, I can take. The great thing is --- my co-supervisors are awesome! My bag collection? I have not purchased any major stuff for 2 years now --- until we went to Montreal this month. I bough a crocodile!!!!! I now have a rabbit, a snake and a crocodile in my closet.

What else can I tell you? The restaurant scene in my city is booming. We have been busy exploring but it gets to be expensive. Oh, wait. I went to do a mystery shopping kind of thing and I got paid a whopping----$12.00. Hahahhaha. Hey, its lunch money.

I miss my friends. I visited family this month but my friends and I have not been together for weeks now.

I am helping plan a Filipino Food Fest. i'll let you know when that happens.

Now more than ever, I appreciate my parents for sending us to college on their own, without loans or dole outs. I only have Pherry and it has been extremely difficult with us financially. I can only imagine my parents who sent all of us ( 10), at times, three at a time! What makes it even more admirable is that my parents both do  not even have education whatsoever. If my dad is to be believed, he said he only reached 6th grade. But he was such a good businessman--- a humane businessman. MAybe, that's where Pherry and Josh got their math wizards? No? My mom was a great orator and for a very long time, a public servant. Yes, not a politician but a public servant. Maybe, that is why KC is good at campaigning? No?

It's been a wonderful summer here in Boston. We spent 2 weeks in Montreal. Oh, I have a lot of memories to share to you about that.

My health is not doing well. I have been gaining weight lately so I am working on making some changes. Today, I activated my activity and sleep tracker. I synced it with my iPhone  and set 8 hours sleep monitoring and 10,000 steps. Hopefully I can really be on top of this. Please let me know on your comments below, how you keep healthy.

We bought PCs for KC and one for Chris and me to use. Hoepfully that will help with my blogging. LOL.

I think that is all for now. Keep smiling and let your loved ones know you love them. Be affectionate.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tagalog Time

KC suddenly wants to learn Tagalog.

She's using YouTube, songs, and bothering me. 😜

Heres some of our convos.

What's up with your repetitive words? Like? Ala-ala. Haka-haka. What am I to say?

and what's your fascination with Aaaaaa? What do you mean? Aanhin, aakayin, inaasam? How do you say that? I can't explain except to say with province every syllable as is. She doesn't get it so I had to think fast. So I said, you know sweetheart, when you say Aaron ( EhRuhn), we say AhAhRon. Wow!

Here's the kicker.
What about that siya siya? You tell me it's you or can be a collective you. Right? I said yes. But why do you say siya siya when you leave and when Tita Girlie says goodbye? All along I though siya siya means goodbye.

Oh Lord.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tagalog Time

KC suddenly wants to learn Tagalog.
She's using YouTube, songs, and bothering me. 😜
Heres some of our convos.
What's up with your repetitive words? Like? Ala-ala. Haka-haka. What am I to say?
and what's your fascination with Aaaaaa? What do you mean? Aanhin, aakayin, inaasam? How do you say that? I can't explain except to say with province every syllable as is. She doesn't get it so I had to think fast. So I said, you know sweetheart, when you say Aaron ( EhRuhn), we say AhAhRon. Wow!
Here's the kicker.
What about that siya siya? You tell me it's you or can be a collective you. Right? I said yes. But why do you say siya siya when you leave and when Tita Girlie says goodbye? All along I though siya siya means goodbye.
Oh Lord.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Date with Josh

I try my very best to go out with the kids individually. We bond together but my advice to parents is to find time to be alone with each kid--it makes them feel special and you can tailor your conversation. Same goes with your spouse, even with your growing family, find time to have time away from " parenting."

anyway, as I shave been extremely busy at work, I texted Josh today that if I can clone home in time, would he like sushi with me and he said yes.

We went to Taiyou, our favorite Japanese restaurant. We talked about everything and I miss this. I don't really know the last time I did go out with him alone. It's been that long and I feel so good. My heart was full just looking at him across from the table and I can tell he liked being alone with me where we can just take about everything that only me and him can understand. Don't get me wrong, it's really fun being around the three of them- it's a riot but I sincerely think that bonding with them indiviafually brings a different tune.

Now, look at this cutie pie!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Story Time

I'm sure I must've told you about a " peculiar" habit of Josh. Ever since he can walk, he likes to hide in tiny spaces, well hidden from anyone. First incident, he was hiding I was going crazy looking for him. He was probably about 2.5 or 3 years old. Where was he? He was inside my tiny wall-in closet- asleep! One day, I found him asleep under our bed too.

I worked evening shift for a long time. One night on Thanksgiving dinner, my husband finally called me to tell me he was missing and that they couldn't find him. I asked him if they called police yet and I was super panicked I screamed at him why he was calling me and not the police. Where was Josh?
Right here:😭

Another family gathering, he was found asleep under the dining table.

How about you? Do you have childhood funny stories or habits?

Also, did I tell you that the sweetest son a mother can have is someone like Josh. I wish I can take back the time he was young. Now, he is still sweet but he has a lot of friends as he should and I am not his world anymore. 😘

Have a a great Sunday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ma Get Back to Blogging


So I know I have not blogged for a very long time. I think I should be kicked out of the blogosphere. 😜

Today, while having lunch, the kids asked me to go back to blogging. 
KC: mom, you should blog again. 
Josh: yes, my friends read your blog. 
Me: really?
Both: they all think you're  funny. 
Me: but I'm funny. But is that good? Wait, you serious?
KC: yes Ma. 
Me: ok. I'll blog again. Let me video you eating. 
Josh: and caption it, "me eating alone on VDay." 
KC: Ma no! They like it when you write coz it's funny. You have a way of writing funny. 
Me: wait, they're serious I write funny? I think I'm offended. 
KC: no Ma, they really do like it and they read all they way back and now that you're not blogging, they are looking for it. 

So here, I blogged. Hahahahaha. Before that though, Josh asked me to send him the photo I took of the lunch he cooked for us--- pan grilled chicken on spaghetti and garlic alfredo sauce. In short, chicken alfredo. Bakit ba, I like to be pasosy eh. 😜😜😜. Kc asked why he still needs it as I can just tag him as we are FB friends. Wait, did you know that? That I'm FB friends with Josh? Hahahahah. Josh quips, " yes but my friends look at Mom's and that's it, I get no likes." Wahahahhaah. "and by the way Ma, we talked about this already, stop #mybunso already." Ha? Why? I like it. " But my friends say Bun like the bun, bread." 

Here's our lunch by the way. 

So this might just start my blogging mojo back. 

Happy Sunday my loves. Hug your kids and kiss your husband--- or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend. Just love. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Monday, September 5, 2016

It's 5am and I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep. I keep waking up and have that empty feeling. Over and over. Over. I miss my first born, we dropped him off to his dorm last Friday. I can't even talk about it yet. 

I sure hope this feeling will diminish in time. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Just Another Day--- #Hokage

After the boys' haircut, we went to have dinner at koi, a sushi place close by. Fair warning, it's not worth it. It's expensive and there's nothing special about it. File this under #LlagaLast. 

While eating, I ask the kids, what does Hokage mean and they went ballistic. Questions such as mom, where'd you learn that, mom when did you even know that word and many others. I felt like a queen with bountiful knowledge. But they were still cracking up and I wasn't getting my answer so I asked again. They explained that it's an anime where this kid wants to grow up to be a hokage ( highest level of ninjahood--ha, there is such) but he is the worst ever-- awkward and such and it doesn't help that his dad was the most well known Hokage in all of Japan. So you know, the struggle is real. 

I then said, wow, I must be a Hokage! Best in what I do, I said. They all went back to eating even though there was no more food. 

Mga buwisit. Such is my life. How's your Thursday?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Daily Musings-- Mickey Bustos

Hello there my dear, so sorry I haven't updated for a long time but here you go!

On our way home after school shopping ( which was just supposed to be a quick hair color pick up) after the dental appointments of the boys, Pherry, out of the blue said, " are you promdi or sosi?" In unquestionable Mickey Bustos voice, a nod to his Filipino roots. Then the other two started screaming like crazy and leads Josh to ask, " is that the bald guy? If yes, I know him too!" Pherry ask what sosi means and and I told them it's a slang/play of words to social/sosyal which has been mean to be acting upper class in Filipino societal norms. With a few more examples, Pherry then said, " do you mean promdi is?" And they all start to giggle. Hahahahha, it's promdi, "from the province" as suburban people. Promdi connotes no class, cheap, Jologs    The closest I could think of is like suburbs people but it's not exactly.

But that's not the story. They then go on and say, "wahahahaha, from the province is promdi coz you guys interchange f and p!" That's right! Otherwise it would have been FromTheProvince but it's PromTheFrovince or promdi for short. 

That's all, goodnight folks. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

See I A

I came home Monday and this is what I came home to;
" Ma, I applied for internship at the CIA," Pherry said and then "only coz the clandestine agent application is closed." I said ok, that's cool. After a few minutes he followed me to the deck and talked about it some more. Deadma Nga ako, kasi CIA nga. 

Then yesterday, he followed me to the front while I was watering the plants. "Ma, I followed the chat rooms  about the internships at the CIA... Blah blah blah." I followed with Ah, ooooh, wow, cool, really... And some other expressions. CIA nga kasi. 

Then today, while the kids were all laughing on how Pherry is now learning the Running Man dance, I asked " KC, did you know Kuya applied at the CIA?" 
KC was like no, when did that happen? So I asked Pherry, "Kuya, when would you know if you got accepted at the CIA?" He said, "you won't know, it's the CIA."

Kasi nga, CIA! Ano ba?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Brag Day---Academic Awards Night at Quincy High

Aaaaaaaw! I am a proud Mama! 
Tonight we attended Quincy's academic awards night. The twist, they don't tell you which award you're getting. I learned now how it ranges from vocational ( carpentry, culinary etc) to Math and Science as well as Principal's award and Pride ( school spirit). 

My Pherry got GOLD Presidential Academic Award. Gold! That means 4.0 GPA PLUS at least 3 Advance scores in MCAS! Side story, when I told him how proud I am, he told me he got perfect score for Math and Science in MCAS. Not just Advance score, it was perfect Ma! Hahahaahah. Oo nga naman. 
That's all he got though. Some kids got multiple awards like excellence in Math, visual arts etc. I was kind of expecting I.T. AND History but they didn't give out those or maybe none were qualified. Iwas particularly  happy when Leadership and School Spirit awards were given out. These are students who excel academically AND are socially responsible and contributes much to the community. 

Most of Pherry's friends were awarded too but I was particularly proud of Stanley and Matthew. 

After school, Stanley runs off to Boston to work for his father every single day, yet he excels academically. Hardwork pays off, right Stanley?

Matthew, Matthew Matthew! He has been friends with Pherry since elementary years. He was one of only 4Pride  Awards recipient! Did I tell you he is Mr. QHS? Yup, Brains and Brawn!

Here's a few pictures! 

I am beaming with pride with these three kids. 
Us--- proud parents. 

I will never tire of telling everyone how extremely proud I am of my kids but tonight, let me tell you how I am extremely happy that Pherry is setting the bar so high and being such a great model for his siblings. 

Soar high Pherry, I know you'd do really well in life. I'm in tears right now so I'll write more senti message next post. 😔

Oh, here's that Barack Obama signature. The first one we have in our household was also of Pherry's silver one but now it is gold!  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brag Day-- graduation edition

It's been too long! I know! Sorry. Believe me though, it's not for the lack of brag materials hahahahha. I've just been too lazy to write. Once I get home after a long commute, all I want to do is watch my crime drama shows. Hahahah. 
Anyways, I haven't updated you with so many things but I promise I will soon. 

It's not a secret that Chris and I are proud of our kids but it's so emotional to finally see Pherry finish high school with no issues. We were never called to the school, all I hear from his teachers is how
he is such a wonderful young man. Anyway, he called me telling me that we need to go the awards night. I said I already am. He said , "ma, this is aside from the scholarship awards. " 
Mauubos vacation time KO nito eh! 

Scholarship Awarding

Awards Night
Ma, the blue tassels everyone gets, the yellow one is only for National Honor Society as well as the special bib. The red tassel is for Skills USA. How about History Bowl and Robotics? They don't give out special ones for those.  Ma, just be glad my award is not for perfect attendance or best dressed. Lokong bata. But best dressed is good?! He looks at me dagger sharp then said, you only you would say that Ma.

PS: anong masama sa best dressed?
PPS: most punctual, pwede?
PPPS: Most in School Donation, meron?
Last na: Extra Curricular activity awardee?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Life Update

So what have we been up to?

Pherry-- very busy with school and college application. He is trying to bring his GPA a little higher to make sure he gets in his preferred college. This is him now during his cousin's christening. 

KC- oh what can I tell you. This young miss is very busy at school. Between her volunteer time at the library, being Vice President of the freshmen class, and  making sure she is still getting her As. Funny story: she came home to say she was number 54 of all freshmen. I said it was a good one. Then she said, but,Cindy and Taylor are 3 and 5. Left speechless, I just said well at least you pick good friends. She was laughing. 
We went to see the Boston Pops yesterday and it's so much fun to dress up with her. 
 Josh- what can I tell you about Bunso. Still such a sweet boy. He has grown so tall though and when I look at photos just a few years ago, he has changed dramatically. He had his spacers placed last Thursday and will get braces by next Saturday. He maintains good grades  and is very social. He is very loving. But you know what I really love, I love listening to his recorded voice message when he misses a phone call. So innocent and young. 
You probably seen this photo but so far this is my fave recently so here is my family. 
 How are you? How's your family?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fooling As If

Since transitioning to management, I have been to many many meetings. Meetings.....
Anyway, you know how you can't talk because what the other people are saying are utterly absurd and it's not worth it and it's plain stupid to even allocate a sentence? Or the total opposite that you feel you are the only one talking coz no one is interested in your proposal and you secretly swear to yourself marking each face buried in cellphones and "pretend" taking notes to NEVER support them next time they do have a proposal too? Yup, been there done that. 
But for me, the most ridiculous ones are the people who think they will come out winners of a discussion/ argument just because you are being quiet and tactful and they go on and on and on talking about themselves and how this and that and you're this and you're that.... because they are making themselves look stupid! 

Listen, I can be as sarcastic as you are believe me I can but I choose not too because there is a place and time for all that. I can be rude and nasty like you, believe me I can, my nickname growing up is not Bads for nothing  but I choose not too because I can see how awful it is to be rude just by looking at your mouth spitting saliva on the table. I can be argumentative as you are, believe me I can. I am not orator of the year for nothing but I choose not to. Why? Because there is no point in arguing with mindless talking machines like you who have no agenda whatsoever but to spew rabid lies and accusations. Also, last but not the least, I can be condescending like you and believe me I can. I created the title Condescending Queen. But you know what? I choose not too. For the pure reason that I don't need to be condescending towards you as you are already doing the damage on your own--- putting yourself down. 

Sometimes the only response I give to people such as the aforementioned types is to keep still. Silence. Because the moment I open my mouth, I may unleash the wrath I have and regret it later. I don't regret anything I have ever said or done. Maybe regret it because I hurt the people I love but I take responsibility for it. I stand for my own words. Never bending it, or worse denying it altogether. 

So let me just share a little thought and maybe somehow one who comes across this post can learn one thing. During meetings, discussions, arguments, rebuttals or whatever it may be, stop for a second and take a closer look at who you are. Calling people names, denying any incidents or falsely accusing people do not make you the winner. On the contrary, you are defining yourself at that very moment. On the other hand, not because the other party is quiet and intently looking at you, it does not mean they are agreeing with you or they are nibs for allowing your bad behavior. No no no. In my case, I'm just usually stunned for such atrocities that my expressions and words don't coincide anymore. Hahahahahha. Even my " resting bitch face" can't come outt with such vile person. 

Yes folks, that's my day. How's yours? On the other hand, when I got home, my two boys were cooking with me, singing 90's music with me and my eldest dancing with me to the tune of the Beatles' Imagine. So there you go, I may just have a better home life than others. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

College Application Updates


I don't think I told you about Pherry's non-acceptance to MIT. Yes, he did not get in. But that's alright. He said it doesn't mean he wasn't good enough, there are just 1500 more students in the whole world smarter than him that they can actually accept. Way to go for that fighting spirit Kuya! 

Anyways, if you follow me on my social media, you know he got accepted to Wentworth Institute of Technology. Coincidentally, it's the first acceptance as it was the first college we visited this summer. Cool ha! They offered academic scholarship for half-tuition guaranteed for 4 years if he maintains an average of whatever, I forgot. All I know is that he said, that's nothing. Way to go Kuya! Seeing the pattern yet of my son's fighting spirit?

But you're not here for those news above! You are here because he got accepted to UMASS. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS. Not too impressed? Well, what if I told you he is offered the Chancellor's scholarship? What does that mean? Full tuition and other mandatory fees amounting to $12,500. Coupled with the Abigail Adams scholarship he received last year, we basically don't have to pay a single penny! Not a single penny! Wait wait! There's more! He is accepted to the Honor's College of the Umass School system. It's the rigorous program at all the UMASS academic schools. Shut the front door! I am super duper proud of my first born! What am I going to do with all the money I saved for his college education? Hahahahahah. Just kidding my dear friends. 

Anyways, all these scholarship are merit/ academic ones. We have not gotten any financial scholarship just yet. That would really supplement all his needs. But who needs financial aid when you can use--- you know--- brain powers to pay for anything! Kidding again. Just being funny as I am super psyched!

Awaiting for other schools so we can all finally move on. Ha, why save for college education when you can invest in your child. Focus on them, nurture them, be with them and you don't have to pay a penny! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Conversations in the Kitchen

Apparently I have been marked at Quincy High's basketball games that my presence is requested for the game tomorrow. After I refused to go coz KC's been telling me how her coaches ask about me after the Quincy vs Plymouth game, here's the convo by the kitchen tonight;
KC: mom, you gotta go. Please!
Me: I am not. Hahahahah 
Josh: mom, I won't go so you can go. I'm not gonna stop you from cheering. Also, now we will be one of the notable Quincy families. We will be the most fun family. You know. (As he pretends to be a funny guy)
KC: and mom, dress up like you're going to  your friend from Lexington and Tita Leila's) coz we're playing against(?) you know those fancy moms who are so snobbish. ( does a b*tchy mom impersonation)
Me: who you playing? Lexington, Hingham? Sharon? Weston?  
KC: no, ( I am censoring as I friends from that town) we're playing ...
Me: oh please they can shove it. 
Josh: burn! 

Moral lesson: I am not from those towns mentioned above. I am poor. Hahahahah. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 in Review

Hello 2016. Hello everyone. Happy new year. 
I don't do resolutions nor do I do bucket lists. I used to do goals but most of it don't happen especially my travel ones so I have decided to go with the flow. 

2015 is a great year. It didn't start well believe me. I spent the first nights of 2015 crying and nursing some deep pain. But then I decided to make it so much better, because I can. Yes, leave the things you can't control and decide to be happy as that is something you can do without permission. Yes, you do not need permission to be happy. 

Winter in Boston was epic bad. It broke all records but we were all safe and I thank God for that. But it also meant longer school year for the kids as they had to make up classes. I was also grateful for my job as it allowed me to stay with the kids during this harsh winter. 
In the spring, the kids continued to grow and some of the teenager angst they had have slowly melted away like the winter snow. We have family issues as much as the next door neighbor but nothing we can't win over. 
This year made me also prayerful. I prayed all the time. Everytime I start to feel pain or start to struggle, I pray. Also, I pray on bended knees now. I did so in 2014 when I was in professional rut and I continued to do so. It gave me deep peace and unprecedented understanding and patience. I am not claiming I am religious because I am not nor am I claiming to be a saint as I am nowhere near that. All I am saying is that when I have no one to hold on to or nothing to root for in life, prayer kept me going. 

Summer was great as we spent it with family in Montreal. As always, Josh and Karmina love spending time there. When I can afford to be off the whole summer, I'd like to spend it with my sisters and nieces and nephew in Montreal. It's a beautiful city and my relatives spoil me. It's also this summer that we started going to colleges to scout for Pherry. It's a learning process for me too as I did not go to college here in the US. I was glad I brought the two younger kids as they were able to get a glimpse of the much needed requirements of they wanted to go to good schools. But I also realized, it isn't really just about grades but the total package. I say it again, I am not one of those parents who pushes their kids too much.

The sentence above was where I stopped and I couldn't think of anything to add so instead golf keeping this on my "draft" I'll post it. 
I hope to be a better blogger soon. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dinner Laughs

So KC comes home after nabbing a spot into the Quincy High cheer team. 

Josh: that's weird. She's school Vice President, with As, volunteers at the library AND a cheerleader? Really weird. 
Me: Josh.....

Then KC comes shrieking in the door!!!! Eeeeweek! I did it!

Josh, repeated his comments above, I gave him the shut-up look. KC just ignored him. Then out of nowhere, " you're thinking cheerleaders are just that." You know anyone can be smart, pretty, funny and cool. Yup, you got it, Josh said, you gotta admit though, most are not. 

Hahahahah. Then I said out of nowhere, I feel like every time I see girls with Michael Kors at the train, I feel like I'm seeing Mortal Kombat. Then when I saw their jaw dropped, I'm a gamer I blurted. "Mom's a gamer!" Then they all stood up from the dining table and no ones talking to me, apparently. 

Anyway, here's my princess who's apparently also a cheerleader. Ha!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Family Update

So this week has been a blur but suddenly last Friday the news about Paris terrorist attack jolted my consciousness. Yet again, another senseless killing--- for what? 
Anyway, Pherry went to WGHB today but we won't know if his team will be one of the top 14 teams who get to compete live on TV. Chris came home on time to make sure he drops off our first born. As I was taking photos to document, he was like " no, I don't feel sexy today!" Hahahahah. And aince he doesn't feel handsome or sexy, I'll post his photo. 

Here's us when Pherry got home. I was always checking my phone and kept asking his siblings if he called so we will pick him up. He just showed up. 
 Josh is doing great. He is so much into League of Legends and we have been refocusing his interest but since his grades are still great, I give him a little leeway. KC is very active in school and makes her so busy. She is growing up to be a good lady. 

Sometimes I feel I want to stop time! 


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Brag Day

So while I was at the shower this morning, Pherry told me I have to sign release papers for something. "Christopher Ryan, you could not tell that later, or even last night?" 
Oh kids! He then proceeded to tell me about a quiz show for his History Bowl Team blah blah blah..... then the magic word came. It's going to be aired at WGBH! I yanked the shower curtain and said, "you'll be on TV?" Give me that paper. Let me sign it. Then my friends, I quickly towel
ed dry my big Asian self and signed my life away. 
The end. 😜

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Story --- November 2015

Sometimes, I'm just lazy to talk or write, so I realized maybe I'd do posts that's just short and sweet. 


May these photos not only tell how fuzzy hair don't look fab. My hope is that it will tell how Prescious slept over and has no outfit so she borrows Ate KC. 

May this photo tell you how this day, even with 2-inch heels, my boys are taller than me and not just tell you how I think matching shoes and bag is rad. 😜

And lastly, may this photo tell you that inspite of it all, I am blessed because I have these three kids in my life, like God tells me he loves me every single time I lay my eyes on them. May it not only remind you that I shouldn't be forcing the kids to take too much photo or that inspite of the time adjustment ( Fall back) we were late to church. May it remind you that because of that, the priest said " I didn't see you at front?" But because of that short conversation, may this photo remind you that our parish priest will make sure that he will pray for Pherry for college application deadline at 2am November 2,2015.

What did I tell you, there's more to photos than what you see! Don't judge, there's more to the person you see on Facebook or Instagram than the life you see. 

Happy Sunday and happy November. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brag Day Wednesday Edition

Hello! How have you been? It's been too long! 
Anyway, there are so many things I can brag about my children the past few months!  Here goes some! 

1. KC was voted Vice President of her freshman class of 380. Apparently, she got a landslide vote. 😉

2. Well, just take a look at the pics below.  I know there are a lot of other kids qualified for the Abigail Adams scholarships but hey, it doesn't mean I can brag about it!
Pherry is such a simple kid, he says on his text message, " I got a scholarship of some sort. " Hahahahah. To him, this is just ordinary. 
3. Pherry's English, Math and Science is on the Advance scale of the MCAS. 

WHAT MORE CAN I ask? None! We are proud parents!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Birthday Dinner 2015

Of course, there's lunch before dinner! My sweet husband brought us to... Wait for it... Wendy's! The kids refused to get off the car! Hahahahah! 

After that we ran off to a coupe of locations for impromptu Fall shoot, that's for another post. 

Chris brought me to this beautiful ocean-front restaurant in Tiverton Rhode Island, a good 45 minutes drive from our place. The slope down road leading to The Boathouse ( is so picturesque. The restaurant has a fantastic view of Sakonnet River. It was a beautiful day to be there. The sunset and the perfect view made my 40th birthday so memorable. The food? Ah-may-zhing! 

This is the seafood sampler, our appetizer. Fresh, sweet  and delicious. 

The salad special that day was good too. 

This is my seafood paella which was certainly not my perception of paella but it was so flavorful and just amazing. Not too flavored that you miss the seafood taste. 

Chris had the grilled scallops and shrimps combination. He said it was very good. Coming from him, it must be. They were really fresh. 

The service by our waitstaff is incredible. They are not checking on you every second, which I hate by the way but just enough to make you feel you are taken cared of. The crowd is a little bit of a mix of young people and older ones. I was expecting a little more dressy crowd but was pleasantly surprised that it is rather casual then I realized they are a stone's throw away from a townhouse community which probably makes them the daily dinner meeting place for friends. I didn't see families though. 

The menu is simple which I like. Most restaurants should have this. Not cluttered. You should just have menu where you are so good at that people come back for it. 

For the amazing food, incredible view and good service, the proces are so good! Although I may just make this a special event go to place, due to the distance, I recommend this to the most discerning friends. And you can't beat free parking! 

How about you? What place to you enjoy most. Let me know down the comment below! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Random Thoughts on my Birthday

Hello there! It's been a year? Wow! If you are a longtime reader of my blog you know I do this random thoughts in 10 minutes or whatever I can come up with corresponding to my age, in one sitting. I think I started this about 4 or 5 years ago. Anyway, my 10 minutes starts now. 

1. Whatever happened to manners? 
2. Exercise is over rated. I went to run, er, walk for about 2 hours this morning and I didn't feel any different. Nada. 😜
3. Tom Brady is as good as I saw him first in 2001. 
4. I traded buying coffee over my facial package. Priorities people, priorities. 
5. Who said buying expensive bags is a waste? Buying expensive make-up is a waste? Let me tell you what's a waste? Your beautiful gift from God, and you're letting it rot. Fix your face. 
6. I love eating. I know, it shows in my body. 
7. I think nail polish is a good spirit booster. Try going to a nail salon and let me know if you don't get high. 😜
8. Obama is still the man. 
9. My first vote as an American is Mayor Phelan of Quincy and Hillary Clinton. 
10. I don't know what people do in the shower to warrant more than 10 minutes of staying there. 
11. I don't have Filipino channel in my home. Am I weird?
12. My bestfriends are the best. 
13. I have the best family in the world. My sisters, nieces and nephews are truly a blessing to me. My husband and my children are my only treasure. 
14. When someone invites you to dinner, don't ask where? Ask, what time?
15. There's a lady at work who is allergic to fragrance so we are not allowed to wear any hint of it. That's the only downside of my job right now. Right now.
16. I've  come to realize that blue skies and water views are my writing triggers. 
17. My favorite niece is Fridah. Coz she's got my favorite grandniece a and grand nephew. 
18. I still dream of the day when I go shopping and I don't check the price tag or ask the sales associate if they have discount coupons to use. 😜
19. My friend Ricardo said anything you put on your face less than $16.00, it would not work. That explains why my face is still bad and I don't know how he came up with that number. Go ask him. 
20. I've known all along that income is relative but man, I need more income. Liars! 😜
21. You gotta admit, The Walking Dead is good. 
22. I don't know if I told you here on the blog but I have not used credit cards since 2007 or even earlier. It doesn't mean I don't have credit. Right Grace, Abby?
23. Karmina just made me so proud recently as she got elected as Vice President of her freshmen class. Way to go girl! 
24. I could not stop laughing when I read: " I may not have a lot, but at least I have good looking children. "
25. I can watch NCIS and Criminal Minds all day and all night. Straight. 
26.  I can write better than what you see in my blog but why bother? 😉
27. Recently I was asked--- money or power? Heck, is that a question? Money IS power. But I'd settle for good looks. 😉😜. 
28. I thank God for good friends. Recently, my two good friends Puri and Amjelle visited me, made sure their schedules have me on it even if they were all the way from Cali and Toronto. Thank you girls!
29. I'm a good juggler. Promise. 
30. When people say, if I have that much money, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I scratch my head and give them a " shut up " look. Are you f****ng kidding me?
31. Mac's Ruby Woo is sold out in the Philippines and Singapore. Apparently all because of YayaDub. Eh, I've been using it since forever. But just in case her popularity comes over to the U.S., I bought one more. Just in case people. You never know.
32. I am anxious for the college application of Pherry. I see how he works so hard on them and seen him through the years working diligently to get good grades and extra curricular points. It would break my heart if he doesn't get to MIT as I know how he desperately WANs to. Not that any of his other choices are not good but this is the culmination of his hardwork and if it does not get rewarded with his ultimate plan, I'm sure he'd be devastated. Fingers crossed and I promise to update you with any development. 
33. I have to practice wearing false eyelashes for a back-to-back wedding I'm attending this October. 
34. I'm excited to meet my IG friend in Toronto in a couple of weeks.  Social media makes this world smaller but better. 
35. I think KC is now dressing up better. She's also putting make-up now. 
36. I like listening to old songs. 
37. I have friends. I'm sure more people consider me their acquaintance rather than a friend. Suits me well. Friends are those you invite to your home and they invite you to theirs. Or equivalent to a home-- like a boat. Right Dado? 
Not because you hang out once, you're friends. Ha?
38. When I ride the T, I see different people-- very interesting people. 
39. I don't know why people give such a big deal about Facebook posts. You do yours, they do theirs, I do mine. There is the unfriend button or unfollow setting. 
40.  This past year I have met new friends and been with great friends. I thank God for giving me wonderful people in my life. It's a blessing to meet new people who give more meaning to your life and even a greater blessing to be surrounded by longtime true friends who brightens your day even in the most simple ways. Life is grand when your journey is a continuous stop-over of love, family and friends. I have all thee and I am not wanting for anything. Except more bags. Yup, my doom.

You've come to the end of the blog, let me show you how 40 looks. 
Be bold, be  beautiful!

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Passport


If you haven't read my citizenship application post, please do so to understand my emotions regarding this process. 

But anyway, my passport has arrived and I am so creaking happy and excited. Where to? 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

College Search is On

   So, as my vacation approached so is the beginning of college campus tour. It was planned that this summer would be focused on narrowing down the choices for Pherry's programs. We tried to focus on schools near Boston, excellent program in computer science or engineering and urban setting. Not necessarily in that order but those are his priorities. It is always good to focus on schools that are strong in the program/s your child is interested in and to apply to as many as possible. Cost should also be considered but for us, it isn't the priority. Cost should only brought in when you are accepted and you are comparing two colleges, everything else being equal except the cost--- then go for the option which gives you more financial aid. You have to check out all your choices to see the campus feel and observe if that is the culture you'd want to be around with. It's four years of your life, you want to make sure you fit in to the new environment. Also, the friends you meet here maybe your life-long friends as well as colleagues so make sure you are going to a school that focuses on your values and field of study. 

So, we went to 6 colleges in total--- 2 Ivy 1 semi-Ivy, 2 state university and a private school well-known for robotics engineering/computers as that's what Pherry likes. Except for one, all visits were on very hot and humid days!  On the first day, we visited Wentworth Institute of Technology and Massachusetts  Institute of Technology . Both very reputable schools especially for engineering and technology. We liked MIT for it's vibrant campus and knowledgeable guides and admissions counsellor. WIT on the other hand did not have an information session, just campus tour. They are missing out on that because that is their chance to highlight why they're one of the best schools. 

Next, we visited Boston University which has a very urban campus so the vibe is high. It is very strong in the field of engineering also. The tour was long and thorough and the presentation of the admissions committee was cool--- makes you feel welcome as well as to stay in the city of Boston. It has a sprawling campus albeit, expensive levelling up to MIT and Harvard tuitions. 
Pherry liked what he saw. 

Next was Brown University in Rhode Island. It has the most beautiful campus of all we've visited so far. I loved everything about it but the kids loved the open curriculum. They believe that aside from your major, you shouldn't be forced to study subjects that does not interest you therefore anyone who enrolled in your class is there because they like it--makes a better class of individuals with the same interest. It is also beside famed Rhode Island School of Design and you can take dual degree awarded by both institutions. 

Then we visited University of Massachusetts Boston. The campus was great but I did not like the vibes at all. They have good academic reputation but not so much with engineering. The kids didn't like it either. It's close to our home so that's a plus I guess. Another positive side is that since it is a public institution, tuition is very affordable and they give merit scholarship. 

I should probably discuss the difference of academic/merit scholarship vs. financial aid. Merit awards are for academic achievements and awarded depending on the criteria selected by institution. It can be awarded to anyone meeting the academic standards set. This also can be in addition to any financial aid already accorded due to financial hardship. Meanwhile, financial aid are given to those in need of tuition assistance. The total package given is calculated based on EFC or expected family contribution. The EFC is based of the submission of FAFSA and calculated based on your and your family's ability to pay/ share in your education. Most schools are on BLIND ADMISSIONS. They accept you based on your merit. When accepted, based on your EFC, they will meet all the other finances as they offer you admission. For example, based on EFC, your family can contribute $30,000 and the full tuition and fees including board and lodging is $65,000, they will pay the $35,000, your family pays the rest. It can still be expensive no matter what but that's when you apply for private grants. Big corporation usually sponsor academic achievers on the field so that can contribute too. 

Okay, so the last school we visited was Umass Amherst. The flagship campus of UMASS. It is beautiful! But also far away. It's 2.5hours drive from Boston. It's good and selective in engineering, it's affordable being a state college but not an urban campus. I loved the vibe in that campus. They have an old reputation as a party university but based on my experience, you can go to the most selective and expensive school and end- up as loser or go to the most unknown one and be succesful. It's up to you. 
So many contrast in these schools we visited but at the same time, offers great fusion of what really matters when considering colleges. They all say they want someone who is academically inclined but also someone who used all the opportunities offered to them. They want parents to help their children reach their goal by helping them decide the convoluted process. Obviously cost is a major factor for me and my family but I assured Pherry that whatever he wants to do, I can point out why it is a good choice and why he should consider something else but in the long run, it is his choice it is his career after all. I found out college here is very different than back home. We didn't have the open curriculum, we had block sections and strict curriculum to follow. I would have been happier to enroll in classes I like knowing that the choices I have all lead to my goal. 

Over all it was so much fun and time for bonding for my family too,  the younger kids joke about not having to do it again and I lectured them that now they know the GPA and SAT needed to get to your school of choice and they just ignore me. Ha!

What about you, what did you do on your summer vacation? Were you a helicopter parent? What is your priority in choosing college? Let me know, leave me a message. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dear Pherry- An Open Letter to a 17-year old

Dear Kuya Pherry,

I write this as I am lying down here early in the morning while looking at your handsome face--- while asleep. 
Today, you turn 17 and as always, I asked you what you plan or want to mark this day. As always, you say,  nothing, none, I'm good mom or let's just hang out. That pretty much sums how simple and beautiful your mind is. 

As a young boy, you have the creativity of an artist, Lego and bricks are always strewn all over the floor as drawings of your superheroes and Manga characters lined the fridge. But you also have that always-on-the-go brain that needs to be fed with information. The library and Marbles store were your favorite place---- not the playground like most kids your age. 
You were always there for me during tumultuous times of our life. You gave me every reason to hold on and carry on but mostly to march on and move forward. I cannot fathom, at your young age how you can be full of wisdom. Not many people know the wisdom you have and how you propelled me to higher level to make life a little easier. Most kids would have collapsed or hid on their shell.

Over the years, you have surprised me more. Remember the time you came home with a note that your essay was 3rd place? How about the time Mrs Witner told me when I picked you up from school that you were chosen to be one of the few kids to go to Milton Academy for their program? You have given me and your dad countless reasons to be proud parents. You hate being coached, you like to do things on your own--- you feel better with the awards if none of it comes from any help. In fact, you hate to be number one, if it meant I will make you study more and sleep less. Funny how during your middle school graduation, you never had any awards whatsoever. None. Not that I was expecting anything, but I was still so surprised when almost all the people I meet at your school seem to recognize that you're an absolute brilliant mind. But I should know, right? You are non-traditional. You like learning differently and if you have your way, you'd much rather have no award system. 

While you were entering that teenager stage, it was difficult for me and you for so many reasons. We fought, we disagreed and we hurt each other along the way. But never did you disappoint me with anything, I want you to know that. I may say it sometimes but know that you never disappoint me.  You always know your priority and I know deep inside you always want us to be proud of you. I remember when we went to your high school, the honor student line-up was posted and we looked for your name. We couldn't find you! Not in the honors and high honors. I wasn't disappointed, it was your first year in high school and I understand you could be grappling your way. Amidst the sea of Le, Li, Leung ( all brilliant kids), I see your name in the Distinction area. There you are, not honors mom, not high honors but distinction. It amazes me how even though your study style is always in question--- by me (hahahah), you excel. We've had endless argument when I tell you to sleep because you've been playing that LOL, which in the beginning you'd say " it's League of Legends,mom." Eh, punyemas, lagi na Lang and you'd just shrug your shoulder and make that look which then makes me angry more but one time you told me that I look like that when I am upset. So I guess we're even. 

I've driven you to dances, banquets and other events in school, sometimes half-asleep.  All memorable I must say and I know you know what I'm gonna say next--- picture! But you know what is so memorable for me? That day you learned to do your tie! You were so handsome and that day felt like it was the beginning of your young adult life. You were so ecstatic to tell me you finally did it. Honestly, I don't even remember what you were going out for, what just stands out from that memory is that TIE. I encouraged you to use other ties from then on, but you stick with that blue thrifted YSL tie. Oh, so handsome were you.

Last week, another phase in your life started. You'd tease me if I tell you, I hash tagged all our photos #pherrygoestocollege and #collegesearchIsOn. On our first day, we teased you because you were so dapper. And you just say, MIT. Hahahahah. 

I wish you'd get in to your preferred college but if not, know that you shape you future, your vision is yours and your experience is your own doing. You can be as successful and happy wherever, I know that. I look at you during those college tours and for a moment or two, I shed tears. You have grown up so much already. Soon, you're in college! I'm already in tears as I write this, imagine when you're packing for dorms!

Im happy and excited and that convoluted emotions altogether. I'm happy for you because I know that happy feeling of venturing out in the world like it's all brand new, that the world is a new planet to conquer and that youthful strength tells you, you can do it. I'm excited for you, yes I am! I know you can do so much more and college is the time to know what you really want to be. Pherry, you do not have to be just one great THIS. You can venture and be everything you want to try. You are young, this is the time to experiment, to travel and to pick and choose the path. Also, the path doesn't have to be straight to the goal. That'd be boring. As long as you know your GOAL and the VALUES we taught you along the way, take any road, I know you'd be great.

As you turn 17, I am also scared and afraid. Most of your friends are now 18. I know you are a responsible young man but the world is your teacher too. I know you circle yourself with good kids like you, but you're 17! That's one hell of a time for young people like you. Please let me be your friend, let me be your confidant. I want you to make me your champ, your supporter and the go-to person whenever you have doubts and fears. I promise to be your friend when you need one and your parent when I have to. 

The road to your life is long but it is bright   Ahead of you, there's success waiting. There will be roadblocks as well as tidal waves, with your brilliant mind and simple joys and loving heart, it will be easy. 

I always tell you and you may be tired of it and you may not want the Internet to know this but--- take the good ones only baby, leave the bad behind. Take the values I try to instill in you and the world is your playground. 

Son, anak, on your 17th birthday, I bless you with the Lord's abundant blessing and wish you a successful life ahead.  With a simple heart like you, succes is much different. I can see you huddled in the corner experimenting on something, creating a new phenomenon while your business partners figure out the financial part, all of which you have no interest whatsoever. I love you with all my heart, you are the role model of your younger siblings and anak, show everyone I am successful--- because anak, I have nothing, nothing at all but you. If you become a good Christian and good member of our community, then I am succesful. I always tell you anak, my only success is to see all of you successful in life-- live a fulfilled life. Be my first success anak. I love you. 


Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Reupholstery Pattern for my Thrifted Chair

I love this print, but it's now dirty. 
 It's very French deco but as I said, dirty. 

Besides, the replacement is as lovely!

 If you ask me, it's so Lilly Pulitzer or Moschino. Say what? Hahahah. This is Home Seasons by Waverly. 

Tada here's my beauty! 

This chair has some good bones on it so I kept it after all these years. 

Which brings me to the kitchen, needs cleaning! Hahahahah! What have you DIY'd lately?