Sunday, April 8, 2018


Pherry came home Friday for Pax East convention. We had a deal that if he finds a ride to Boston, I’ll drive him back. Well, he did a rideshare with 3 girls he did t know. From his school. Also, the 3 girls didn’t know each other too. Anything to get home I suppose. 

Just warms my heart to see my boys like this:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pherry’s Home for Spring Break

Pherry’s home! The feeling is still the same— too excited to reunite my family. 

I started driving a little after 8am. The dorms close at 10am. By 9a, he already started texting. It was very cold, when I got there, all they did was jump on the car and off we go. He was with his dorm buddy Andrew. 

So literally I drove over 4 hours but it’s all worth it. 

Look at that smile. Right after, we went for a haircut— just the boys and me. So very happy. 

He is still the sweet boy I know but we’re noticing he is growing up to be a handsome man! We went to dinner with friends, after he went to meet his friend Stanley, he got home just in time to join us. 

He will be going back soon— this Sunday so I’m really trying to get lots of time with him. 

My first born is indeed growing. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 2018

It’s March! It’s supposed to be spring-y! But there is a Northeaster hammering the East Coast. 

But let’s not deal with that shall we? March is the birthday month of the two most important people in my life—- my Inang ( mother) is March 1st followed by my dearest husband on the second. 

How is your March starting so far? 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Restaurant Review- Boston Marriott Quincy

Here’s another review for a local restaurant. 

We usually like to explore new places but we also have our favorites, regulars we keep going back and forth. We have been going to the Marriott Hotel for quick and satisfying breakfast buffet. Nothing fancy but the essential breakfast needs are there. We have not been here for extended period because they seem to be on renovations all the time. 

But after feeling so bad last Saturday, Chris texted me this:

This is where the cash register is. 

Bar area. Tons of TVs and lots of room to gather round. 

Clean subway tiles? You got me!

The new lobby of the hotel. 

Waiting area or welcome area depending on what you like. 😂

And this? This makes me want to stay and feel home. Well done Marriott!

Can we talk about this chandelier? Is it even a chandelier?

From afar, this lighting is perfection!

Is he really feeling it? I betcha he does. Too bad they stopped pool membership. We use to co e here as even if you are not hotels guests, you can pay to use the pool and exercise area so we came often in the winter time. 

And these is what I had!

And more. 

And more. 

 Like more? 

Overall it was a great experience. It is never crowded and you never feel rushed. And of course my favorite omelet station attendant, was lovely as always. 

Woke Up Crying

Last Friday night, I was a little sad going to bed. Nothing crazy just so many things in my head- family and just stuff in the world like that massacre in Florida. 

Early Saturday I woke up crying from my dream. In my dream, I was dead! Like dead in the movies. My soul was floating, I was looking down on Chris and the three kids. Chris was crying inconsolably and the kids were around him. I then woke up a little bit and i was indeed in tears. I tried to go back to sleep. Once again, I was brought back to that scene where my family was gathered around me. Then Chris stood up, instructed the nurse to not let anyone in before he “fixes” me. I have always told Chris that if I get sick or when I die, I don’t want to be visited when I am not cleaned or dressed properly and that when I die, I want to be buried with Mac’s Ruby Woo lipstick. 

I was sobbing so hard I woke up. I immediately called Chris who was at work at that time. Luckily he answered and i immediately told him. He said, I don’t have to worry, I have so much more to do in this world. I felt so much better knowing he was beside me when I died. 

Is that weird? Do any of my readers dream of their own death? 
Sorry I have a weird post today. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Passport Renewal

I guess it’s that time. KC needs to renew hers as she will travel this July to London with my friends,  Jane and Grace. How lucky can she be? This trip is their gift for her 18th bday. 

Josh’ will expire this April so we figured we might as well. 

As Josh is considered minor, my husband and I still need to be there and have to present his birth certificate. On the contrary, KC just needs her ID and her old passport as she is already 17. KC can also have a 10-year passport, but Josh will only have the 5-year one. 

As for Pherry, we need to make sure he can renew his when he gets home as he might travel for school soon. It’s probably easier as we are not needed anymore. 

I highly suggest you research before heading out to passport centers which are often in post offices. 

Trivia: my kids gained their American citizenship in different ways. Pherry got his upon legal entry to the US as a legal immigrant son of an American citizen. KC had an American passport since birth even though she was born in the Philippines as she takes from her dad’s citizenship. We had to travel to the US with me and Pherry having Philippine passport and KC with her US passport. Meanwhile, Josh brags about being the only “ real” American as he was born here in Boston. 

Anyway, as I was yet again late from leaving work even though I promised the kids I’d leave earlyas after all, they’re on winter break, KC texts me and said, it’s almost 4! Sabi ko, “nyemas, alas kuatro na, wala pa akong natatapos” sabay lagok sa kapeng malamig. Pwede na akong senior citizen walang ng Tito/Tita stage. 😂

Monday, February 19, 2018

Visit to Montreal for Family

Hello everyone. So yes, I caved in am back to blogging. I bought BlogtouchPro. So let’s see if I can keep up. 

Anyway, we went to Montreal last Saturday and had to leave Sunday. Yes, we do that. Sometimes the best trips are the shortest and sweetest. 

Keep smiling fam!

My nieces and nephews are the cutest. 

And food. Food is bonding. 

There’s Ate Mytch bringing more food. ðŸĪŠ

And this was the highlight. Dried salted fish. Yummy. 

How about you? How was your weekend?

Hello World

I am so back to blogging! Get ready!

Stars! Stars!

On the way home from Montreal for a sweet but quick weekend visit for family, Josh said it was really nice to see stars. 

I keep on driving and it was fun to have teenagers in the car with Spotify as we were just singing to our hearts’ content. 

After a few more hours, passing Vermont into New Hampshire, KC said the sky really looks beautiful and that we do t see this as much. It is indeed true as we live I. The big city. She even mentioned “light pollution.”

I gave a signal to my niece- as we were on a convoy and I stopped Dy the side of the highway just to see how beautiful the night sky is. 

It was indeed beautiful and made me feel nostalgic as the dark skies with flickering beautiful stars were my normal as a kid growing up in the province that I never even thought of it. 

We stopped for a minute or so to marvel at this simple gift. 

How was your weekend? 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Random Thoughts on my Birthday 2017 ( The Bakit List)

If you're not familiar, I post random Thoughts in 10 minutes. The random post should equal my age. This year, I m doing the Bakit List. Bakit means  WHY? Here we go.

1 why aren't there more sincere and kind people?
2 why can't I be more sincere and kind, is the better question?
3. Why is Trump so crazy? He said today he talked to the president of the Virgin Islands. He is the president of the Virgin Islands. Duh!
4. Why are there people falling for #fakenews?
5. Why are there still people equating quiet to finesse? Damn! You could be quiet coz you have nothing intelligent to say!
6. Why is it wrong to be millennial? It should t be.
7. Why is WalMart cleaner than Macy's? I can never go to Macy's without getting so dizzy.
8. Why is Ocean Deep? Hahahahaha. Only personal friends can "get" this.
9. Why is Retin-A expensive. Cheaper than Botox you say. I agree. Lol
10. Why do I pray for world peace and it's been crazy? Cliche but true.
11. Why do I need Apple Watch? Serious question. Why? Do I?
12. Why do Asians love bowling? Seriously, if you go to bowling alleys here in the US, you would see majority of the crowd is Asian.
13. Why is George Clooney so yummy?
14. Why am I so blessed to have Chris and my kids? I am eternally grateful.
15. Why is it that I can't bring myself to weekly mani/pedi? It's so freaking expensive.
16. Why are there condescending people so in reality don't really know anything? I can answer my own question but it will be condescending.  Lol
17. Why is it that taking a different stand is seen as against you. No, it's nothing personal.
18. Why aren't there more decent men?
19. Why are the rich getting richer? Age old question.
20. Why do I love Emmanuela so much? She's so funny. Go ahead goggle Emmanuela.
21. Amazon, why name Alexa, Alexa?
22. Why is Frank Underwood so mean yet so appealing to me? Also, go ahead and google Frank Underwood.
23. Why are there so many commercial gaps on my fave TV shows?
24. Why are there so many religions? Can't we all enrol into the school of Humanity?
25. Why do I always hear, "don't judge?" I judge. You're a hypocrite if you say you don't. The fact that you chose to live where you are is because you judge. The fact that you though of me as bad just for writing this is because you judge. So yeah, we all judge.
26. Recently, every time I look st this person, I close my mouth back because I don't want to talk. Not cause I have nothing good to say or coz I'm scared of being shutdown ( when did that ever stop em 😝) bit coz there's no use to argue with stupid people. When I say the plan does not look as good as I initially thought, it does not look good. In this project, I am the SME. SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. So shut it.
27. Why does Siri let me repeat over and over. Is it my accent Siri?  Please ain't so.
28. Inspite  of my thinking that I am not shy or so, Why do I tend to get red when I speak in front of other people?
29. Why is Barry Manilow gay? I grew with his senti songs.
30. Why is Raymond Reddington so like me? Crazy but sweet?
31. Why are there people disputing that Tom Brady is the GOAT? Seriously!

My time has ran out! But I can assure you, I am NOT 31.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Monday, October 2, 2017

New School Year and Then Some

So school started a few weeks ago. If you follow me on socmed, you know Josh joined junior ROTC at his school. And oh, by the way, he attends North Quincy High, the other high school in our town. And yes, where his brother and sister did not go. He said he is tired following their footsteps. Good call, if only it was close. Mr. Hubbs Is so worried about logistics.
Here's few pics on the first few days of school.

And here's Josh with his ROTC uniforms. 

Hope I can do this Blogging g thing more often. 

Anyone like Autumn like I do? 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pherry Goes Back to College

I know I skip blogging a lot. The last time mostly due to the blogger app being discontinued.

Anyway, we dropped off Pherry 2 weeks ago and I thought I am going to be chill, you know. But no..... not at all. I was still a mess and a wreck. I suppose as a mom you never get over it.

He moved to a different side of the campus. UMASS AMherst is a huge campus. Luckily he is still near a dining hall  ( did you know, his school has award winning dining?) and centered to where most of his classes are. We dropped him off early coz he volunteered to be part of the Welcome Team for the freshmen and transferees.

Here's a few pics. And when I see few, i mean a lot so beware.

Packed like crazy.

 He buys books and would not let me touch them. and that salakot makes an appearance of course. I like his new room as it is very bright.
We were hungry when we got there but his schedule to unload was 12-2 only so we had to make sure we did. Imagine having thousands of students moving in at the same is a logistics nightmare and I am so glad, UMass Amherst got this really good. But fixing his room took a lot less as KC was such a big help.
 Here's my family inside Pherry's sophomore dorm. We sure are not perfect but we all try to be happy. I am truly blessed to have my kids who have never given me any major problems or embarrassments as well as my ever patient husband.
 KC wanted to take his brother's ukelele. Of course he wouldn't let her.
 His desk. I don't really know he would need 2 PCs but whatever. Hahahaha.

The line of cars was too long so we were having fun just waiting. Chris and KC just took Pherry's fencing sword and started using it---the wrong way, like a sword. ANd here's a pic of me and KC.

Do you think I'll be better next year?

 Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Decade Starts

You know the drill, here's my birthday post!
1. I realized the older I get I like to stay home more. Serious. 
2. As if the TV gods heard my prayers, McGyver is back on. You've seen it right?
3. Migraines are getting worse. Add high blood pressure. I. Am. Getting. Old. 
4. Who said I cannot cook? This year my bellychon is super hit! Hell yeah!
5. My favorite name lately is NOT Kanye. Hahahaha. 
6. There's gotta be a better song out there I can make my fave to replace Ocean Deep. You can laugh, it's alright. 
7. Why are there still people who thinks that being "sosyal" means not laughing loud? Seriously, move on. There's this person I know who is such a snotty one I can't even. You think? Get off your high horse. 
8. Rice is my meal. I can't think of any other. 
9. Sounds so cliche but damn, no commute to work is so refreshing. 
10. I still hate dandruff and I still love Pottery Barn. And yeah, I put those two in one sentence. 
11. I went yard sale-Ing and saw the most extensive collection of Barbra Streisand CD collection. I was first but there is this lady who was so passionate of BS, she knew all the songs in every album even reciting which ones were released as singles. Yes, you got it, I let her buy it. You see, sometimes life is about sharing. 
12. Writing this random stuff on my birthday is such a stress reliever. But I don't know why I am getting tired writing up to my age, it's getting too long. Yes, I am old. 
13. No matter what setting, these are the same kind of people I meet, really dumb,know-it-all, vested interest only, no emotions whatsoever. The fifth? Someone like me-- clutter brain. Somehow all these personalities come together in my distorted world. 
14. I don't know what to do if my job is to drive shuttle bus. Back and forth. Going and coming. 
15. I am officially a make-up hoarder. I don't use often sometimes I even go barefaced. But I buy. A lot. As in. 
16. I can't pronounce most words in the English language. At least I can write well. Your vs you're. Then vs than. 
17. I thought it was a joke when people were supporting Trump and suddenly he is an option. Dang America! What happened? Just kidding, go for whoever you want. That's the essence of being American. But seriously? 😜
18. There is always room for ice cream. 
19. I have been such a blog slacker. I have so many things and pvitures to share. 
20. The more successful people are, the more humble they are. At least in my circle. 
21. Sometimes I edit my photos and most times I don't. One thing I never do, pause and think of what others think of my social media post. I could care less. 
22. This year I met so many incrdible people. People who would message me about the kids, just to say hello or thumbs up on my FACEBOOK posts. Regardless, in some way way or another, you touched my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
23. I'm still a hopeless romantic. 
24. I really should sleep earlier. 
25. And I should really watch my diet and lose weight. 
26. I have no consideration or compassion to people who thinks everyone is beneath them. Really? Who are you?
27. Yes you have a big house and a lot of money, no one even wants to be with you. At all. What gives? 
28. I'm still slow in Math. Ask Fridah. 
29. When I was shown how much my 2017 departmental budget to manage is, I was like, " whoaaaa, that much?"  
30. I made more money working as a medical technologist than now. #truth. But I don't have to work weekends and holidays. For the love of family and friends. And yes, coz I am lazy. 
31. Remember I told you my dream vacation would be SanFo, Thailand and Spain? Haven't been to any of them. I know I am hopeless.
32. Considering that you and I are mere mortals, we should all get along. What's so hared about that.
33. I think my fave season is now Fall. I think.
34. Instagram rules.
35. Wendy's twitter account is awesome.
36. I still love Tina Tagle, Cecil van Straten and MarketManila.
37. I am still loud so if you are pasosy, dont be friends with me. I don't like you either. tse, heheheh.
38. I haven't been to MAcy's for a very long time. That's good. That store is so disorganized.
39. I have the best friends and family I can always lean on.
40.My vocabulary has expanded to include the Sarcasm language. In fact I have mastered it the most, surpassing my fluency in Tagalog.
41. And yes my friends---- you either love me or hate me. Regardless, we are just specks in this big wide world. Let's be happy, shall we?

Get Back to Blogging Ma!

So I know I have not blogged for a very long time. I think I should be kicked out of the blogosphere. 😜

Today, while having lunch, the kids asked me to go back to blogging. 
KC: mom, you should blog again. 
Josh: yes, my friends read your blog. 
Me: really?
Both: they all think you're  funny. 
Me: but I'm funny. But is that good? Wait, you serious?
KC: yes Ma. 
Me: ok. I'll blog again. Let me video you eating. 
Josh: and caption it, "me eating alone on VDay." 
KC: Ma no! They like it when you write coz it's funny. You have a way of writing funny. 
Me: wait, they're serious I write funny? I think I'm offended. 
KC: no Ma, they really do like it and they read all they way back and now that you're not blogging, they are looking for it. 

So here, I blogged. Hahahahaha. Before that though, Josh asked me to send him the photo I took of the lunch he cooked for us--- pan grilled chicken on spaghetti and garlic alfredo sauce. In short, chicken alfredo. Bakit ba, I like to be pasosy eh. 😜😜😜. Kc asked why he still needs it as I can just tag him as we are FB friends. Wait, did you know that? That I'm FB friends with Josh? Hahahahah. Josh quips, " yes but my friends look at Mom's and that's it, I get no likes." Wahahahhaah. "and by the way Ma, we talked about this already, stop #mybunso already." Ha? Why? I like it. " But my friends say Bun like the bun, bread." 

Here's our lunch by the way. 

So this might just start my blogging mojo back. 

Happy Sunday my loves. Hug your kids and kiss your husband--- or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend. Just love. 

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Eclipse 2017, not about the Eclipse

Please do not ask me where I have been. Also, I am not crazy with the eclipse. I just wanted to reactivate my blogging and the more i PROCRASTINATE coz I have a lot to catch on, the more I am buried, so i figured I can just start today hoping the eclipse would "energize" me.

Anyway, Pherry is going back to school soon and he will be a sophomore! Unbelievable. He picked up Fencing in college. Pherry started basketball, he didn't like it, partially coz of Chris. Chris is a little too pushy and hardcore when it comes to sports. Then he did chess, that he liked but he never really got to it. He also did table tennis, which he plays once in a while. Did you know he plays the ukelele?

KC and I are busy prepping for her debutante's ball. Actually, she is upstairs creating an iMovie for her "save the date". KC will be very busy this school year as she was elected Class President of the Juniors. I am so excited for her. She did all her campaigning on her own, not a single help from us---she made her own speech and all that. So proud of this young lady.

Josh? My baby Josh is going to be a freshman this Fall. How did this ever happen? How?  In fact, he just finished his 3-day intro to ROTC. In connection to that, he will not be going to Quincy Highschool like Pheery and KC. Instead, he is attending North Quincy High. Why, i don't know. i think he just wants to be different from the two.

Mr. Hubbs, aka Chris is doing really good.  He is crazy working night shift but it works for him, so i let him be. I prodded him many times over to go back to dayshift. We both go at the shooting range once in a while but we have not been, as we got so busy with family.

Me? I changed jobs. In fact, I'd be celebrating my one year anniversary this week at this new job. It's doing well---albeit a few hiccups, as any other job is. The good thing is, I REALLY LOVE WHAT I DO, so any shitty stuff, I can take. The great thing is --- my co-supervisors are awesome! My bag collection? I have not purchased any major stuff for 2 years now --- until we went to Montreal this month. I bough a crocodile!!!!! I now have a rabbit, a snake and a crocodile in my closet.

What else can I tell you? The restaurant scene in my city is booming. We have been busy exploring but it gets to be expensive. Oh, wait. I went to do a mystery shopping kind of thing and I got paid a whopping----$12.00. Hahahhaha. Hey, its lunch money.

I miss my friends. I visited family this month but my friends and I have not been together for weeks now.

I am helping plan a Filipino Food Fest. i'll let you know when that happens.

Now more than ever, I appreciate my parents for sending us to college on their own, without loans or dole outs. I only have Pherry and it has been extremely difficult with us financially. I can only imagine my parents who sent all of us ( 10), at times, three at a time! What makes it even more admirable is that my parents both do  not even have education whatsoever. If my dad is to be believed, he said he only reached 6th grade. But he was such a good businessman--- a humane businessman. MAybe, that's where Pherry and Josh got their math wizards? No? My mom was a great orator and for a very long time, a public servant. Yes, not a politician but a public servant. Maybe, that is why KC is good at campaigning? No?

It's been a wonderful summer here in Boston. We spent 2 weeks in Montreal. Oh, I have a lot of memories to share to you about that.

My health is not doing well. I have been gaining weight lately so I am working on making some changes. Today, I activated my activity and sleep tracker. I synced it with my iPhone  and set 8 hours sleep monitoring and 10,000 steps. Hopefully I can really be on top of this. Please let me know on your comments below, how you keep healthy.

We bought PCs for KC and one for Chris and me to use. Hoepfully that will help with my blogging. LOL.

I think that is all for now. Keep smiling and let your loved ones know you love them. Be affectionate.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tagalog Time

KC suddenly wants to learn Tagalog.

She's using YouTube, songs, and bothering me. 😜

Heres some of our convos.

What's up with your repetitive words? Like? Ala-ala. Haka-haka. What am I to say?

and what's your fascination with Aaaaaa? What do you mean? Aanhin, aakayin, inaasam? How do you say that? I can't explain except to say with province every syllable as is. She doesn't get it so I had to think fast. So I said, you know sweetheart, when you say Aaron ( EhRuhn), we say AhAhRon. Wow!

Here's the kicker.
What about that siya siya? You tell me it's you or can be a collective you. Right? I said yes. But why do you say siya siya when you leave and when Tita Girlie says goodbye? All along I though siya siya means goodbye.

Oh Lord.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tagalog Time

KC suddenly wants to learn Tagalog.
She's using YouTube, songs, and bothering me. 😜
Heres some of our convos.
What's up with your repetitive words? Like? Ala-ala. Haka-haka. What am I to say?
and what's your fascination with Aaaaaa? What do you mean? Aanhin, aakayin, inaasam? How do you say that? I can't explain except to say with province every syllable as is. She doesn't get it so I had to think fast. So I said, you know sweetheart, when you say Aaron ( EhRuhn), we say AhAhRon. Wow!
Here's the kicker.
What about that siya siya? You tell me it's you or can be a collective you. Right? I said yes. But why do you say siya siya when you leave and when Tita Girlie says goodbye? All along I though siya siya means goodbye.
Oh Lord.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Date with Josh

I try my very best to go out with the kids individually. We bond together but my advice to parents is to find time to be alone with each kid--it makes them feel special and you can tailor your conversation. Same goes with your spouse, even with your growing family, find time to have time away from " parenting."

anyway, as I shave been extremely busy at work, I texted Josh today that if I can clone home in time, would he like sushi with me and he said yes.

We went to Taiyou, our favorite Japanese restaurant. We talked about everything and I miss this. I don't really know the last time I did go out with him alone. It's been that long and I feel so good. My heart was full just looking at him across from the table and I can tell he liked being alone with me where we can just take about everything that only me and him can understand. Don't get me wrong, it's really fun being around the three of them- it's a riot but I sincerely think that bonding with them indiviafually brings a different tune.

Now, look at this cutie pie!